Spinema Issue 71: SF Incorporated Penetrates the Film and TV World

The piece below was written during the 2023 WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes. Without the labor of the writers and actors currently on strike, the art being covered in this piece wouldn't exist.

There’s a new name on the shock rock scene… and that name may make some of you blush and others of you a bit angry

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What does the SF in SF Incorporated stand for? Well… it ain’t “San Francisco”, as this rock outift hails from the land of the cheeseheads. It’s a far more nefarious – and, possibly, parental rage inducing – meaning that’s shared with the topic matter of extreme and brutal horror films such as the stellar Found, the less stellar spinoff Headless, and the absurd low budget horror comedy Header.

So, before you read further, do be sure that the phrase “skull fucker” doesn’t offend you. For, if it does, this is not the band for you!

However, if you wanna check out an industrial and metal influenced shock rock outfit from the Midwest whose first music video includes cameos from Tom Arnold, members of Gwar, Brian Posehn, and various other members of the rock and film community, read on! If you wanna hear a little tease about their upcoming TV series, read on! And, if you wanna be entertained with some devilish fun, read on!

Let’s start with the basics… who is SFI?

S. F. Incorporated is an extreme industrial metal band based out of Eau Claire, Wisconsin. We started in 1998 and played/gigged regularly for about ten years throughout the Midwest. We took a brief hiatus and are now back on the map with a new record. 

If you were trying to describe the sound and vibe of the band to someone, what would be your 1-2 sentence “elevator pitch”?

Late 90s horror and shock rock with a modern twist. We’re the bastard love child of Ministry and Rob Zombie. 

Before even reading your full bio or checking out your website, I got the vibe that you guys were into horror and genre film. In efforts to see exactly where my instincts were right or wrong, what are some of your favorite movies and shows?

I love any movie that has robotic space ninja zombie pirates with explosions and lightsabers. My all time favorite horror film is Evil Dead 2. My top favorite sci-fi franchise is The Transformers (G1 specifically). Star Wars gets a participation trophy. 

You guys are working on a television series of your own, can you tell me more about that?

Unfortunately, I can’t at the moment. As of about a week ago, I have a meeting scheduled in the near future with a top Hollywood producer. The series is one of the pitches to be discussed. What I can say is it’s our origin story. Sex, Drugs, Rock ‘n Roll, and the Skull Fuckers. Once I get things a bit more solidified, I’ll be happy to tell you all about it. 

Your music video for “Nightmare” feels like a good start in that process. You have several big name cameos and  the video is a blast. What was it like making that?

It was a lot of fun to do. In a sense, the shoot was very nostalgic, as I haven’t performed that song in several years outside of the studio. I’m really looking forward to future videos that will be a bit more refined. 

In addition to “Nightmare”, your entire new  album First Penetration, is fantastic. How have people been responding to it?

Thank you! The response has been excellent. We’re still getting some regular radio play throughout the nation. Overall this album is averaging an 8/10 on most reviews. For our freshman album, I’ll take that. 

I had the chance to check it out for The Farsighted and love it. I particularly love the White Zombie cover. Do you consider Rob Zombie a big influence?

Absolutely. White Zombie specifically. Rob’s solo stuff is great and all, but his stuff when he was in White Zombie is some of the best industrial shock rock ever. Astro Creep 2000 was a huge influence to this band, as is Marilyn Manson, NIN, and Ministry. 

Zombie’s career also blends media of music and film, as you guys work towards doing the same with your upcoming show. Out of curiosity,  do you have a favorite Rob Zombie film?

Yes, and I may get a bit of hate for this, but that’s ok. I’m a Skull Fucker, I can take it. His first Halloween remake is my favorite of his films. I dig his Firefly Family trilogy and everything, but I think he really nailed that first Halloween remake out of the ballpark. 

Thanks again for the chance to talk a bit. Before we go, where can people check out your music and follow the process on your series?

Absolutely! Any time you want to chat I’m open. The best place to check us out is on the Satyrn Studios website – www.satyrnstudios.com  All of our links are there along with merch and upcoming events and dates. We’re on YouTube, Spotify, Bandcamp, Reverbnation, iTunes, and every other platform that matters. Just look up S. F. Incorporated, or our full name – Skull Fuckers Incorporated

Thanks again, any final words?

You bet! We’re releasing First Penetration on CD in October, and if you kids play really nicely, we just might do a show or two next month as well. Keep checking the Satyrn Studios website for more info! 

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