About Cinapse


  • We think about film: Criticism, discussion, opinion and analysis. Original columns, in-depth reviews, and unique opinions are our core.
  • We LOVE film: New, old, indie, studio, genre, foreign. We want to shine a spotlight on what we love and want to learn more about; not just what is the newest, biggest, and brightest.
  • We are honest about film: We will never exaggerate what we know to sound more informed, we’ll always keep learning, and our opinions will always be our own and we’ll be happy to defend them or change them.


  • Outside the News & Marketing Cycle: Breaking news is awesome… for other sites to do. Really well. Seriously, go check them out. We do too.
  • We avoid cynicism at all cost. But even we might still slip into it. Feel free to call us out if and when we do.


Interested in contributing to Cinapse?

A contributor is someone who’s been given access to post on Cinapse after reaching out and expressing interest in publishing on our platform. A contributor must be crafting original work that is not published anywhere else physically or electronically. Contributors will work with site leadership to get their work published. Unfortunately, at this time neither Cinapse staff nor contributors receive any financial compensation for their contributions to this passion project, and this should be understood at the outset. Contributors must be very independent and do the following to achieve publication:

  • Set up and learn how to use a Medium account based on their own research into how to publish on Medium.
  • Follow Cinapse formatting when submitting their work, based on their own research into Cinapse formatting.
  • Posts contributed to Cinapse should be inclusive in nature. Work that denigrates others based on race/creed/class/gender/sexuality/etc will not be published. Diversity is encouraged. Treating filmmakers and their art with respect is also of paramount importance.

Email us at [email protected].

Otherwise, the best way to get involved in the Cinapse community is to follow our Twitter account @CinapseNews or like our Facebook page.