Spinema Issue 63: Heavenly Trip to Hell Open Up About ROAD DOGS Doc, Horror Film, and More

Hollywood hard rock veterans, Heavenly Trip to Hell, once starred in a rock doc, but there’s way more than just that to talk about…

Lend an ear to SPINEMA: a column exploring all movie music, music related to movies, and movies related to music. Be they film scores on vinyl, documentaries on legendary musicians, or albums of original songs by horror directors, all shall be reviewed here. Batten down your headphones, because shit’s about to sound cinematic.

Recently, I was checking out the latest release from long time Sunset Strip and Long Beach mainstays Heavenly Trip to Hell and discovered they were the subjects of a documentary in 2011 called Road Dogs. Naturally, I wanted to talk to they about the experience, while also using it as an excuse to talk music, movies, and all of the interesting tales that surround being a band who has played together over the course of multiple decades.

There was a slight delay on getting this up because I didn’t realize the recording cut off members sitting on the sides of the screen and was working to try to get that fixed. Sadly, the Skype recording wouldn’t let me do that. As someone relatively new to the video interview format, I promise I’ll get better with that! So apologies to band members whose faces are cut off, but their words and thoughts here are still more than worthy of your time.

Thanks for checking out Spinema, Cinapse, and my interview… and thanks to the great folks from the great Heavenly Trip to Hell for taking the time to talk to a lowly little music and film fan like me.

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