Spinema Issue 69: Trensettahs and BLACK SOUNDS OF FREEDOM

Trensettahs Sound System combine faith, film, music, and empowerment to build a beautiful visions of the world

Lend an ear to SPINEMA: a column exploring all movie music, music related to movies, and movies related to music. Be they film scores on vinyl, documentaries on legendary musicians, or albums of original songs by horror directors, all shall be reviewed here. Batten down your headphones, because shit’s about to sound cinematic.

I had the distinct pleasure of sharing the latest Trensettahs Sound System single and music video on The Farsighted. Upon spending time checking out the projects of Derek and his amazing music collective, I discovered his current film project, Black Sounds of Freedom, and – naturally – I had to talk to him about it. Below is our chat, what I hope is only the first in many discussions with a brilliant man who wants to bring the world together through music.

Without further ado, here’s Derek of Trensettahs Sound System:

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