Spinema Order 66: Mondo’s STAR WARS ROGUE ONE Expanded Edition

A handsome vinyl release to celebrates Michael Giacchino’s rousing score

Image courtesy of Mondo

I am unabashedly Team Rogue One. This is in the face of a small, but surprisingly vocal group of Star Wars fans that seem to have issues with director Gareth Edwards’ (Monster, Godzilla) prelude to A New Hope. In my review, I called the film an “exhilarating and emotional tale of valor.” Juxtaposing a heist film amidst a galaxy at war, it introduces us to a group of misfits and their cause, drawing us into their journey and fate. Around them are some of the most well executed, and often harrowing, action pieces seen in the Star Wars series. This is where Rogue One truly excels, in balancing scale and intimacy. It’s stirring stuff.

Part of the impact comes from an equally resonant score from composer Michael Giacchino (Doctor Strange, The Incredibles, Star Trek ‘09). Any score that enters the Star Wars Universe has an immediate benchmark for comparison, the iconic work of John Williams. Soaring compositions that are as identifiable with the series as any lightsaber or Wookiee. Giacchino trod a fine line, complementary to Williams, but not beholden by it. Riffing off iconic motifs, crafting new and memorable pieces, overall balancing the inspiring and tragic themes that drive the film. This release from Mondo, in partnership with Walt Disney Records and Lucasfilm, marks the 5th Anniversary of the film. In celebration, Giacchino pulled out over an hour of previously unreleased music and recording sessions from the film for this Expanded Edition. The original soundtrack had 21 tracks, this has 37. All unused, expanded, or alternate takes on the various suites he originally crafted for the feature. Handsomely packaged, featuring all-new original artwork by John Powell.

The hard card coverslip/case contains four sleeves, each housing one of the four vinyls of the edition.

Each of the four record is housed within its own sleeve .The first is adorned with an image of Galen Erso (Mads Mikkelsen) being apprehended by Director Krennic (Ben Mendelsohn) and his purge troopers, the second the trio of Jyn Erso (Felicity Jones), Cassian Andor (Diego Luna), and K-2SO (Alan Tudyk), the third Bodhi Rook (Riz Ahmed), Chirrut Imwe (Donnie Yen), and Baze Malbus (Jiang Wen), while the fourth has the looming specter of the Death star and Darth Vader.

Each of the four records is black, with simple/clean labelling, and is pressed on 180 gram vinyl.

FInally, the liner notes continue to overall aesthetic of the release, while detailing track lists, production/design credits, and a note from Giacchino about the score, and this new release.

Track List

DISC ONE — Side One

1. He’s Here for Us (3:22)
2. A Long Ride Ahead (3:57)
3. Wobani Imperial Labor Camp (0:57)
4. There Are Spies Everywhere (2:16)*
5. The Detention of Jyn Urso (1:13)*
6. Jyn’s Interrogation (1:58)*
7. Mission to Jedha (2:00)*
8. Trust Goes Both Ways (2:46)

DISC ONE — Side Two

1. When Has Become Now (2:01)
2. Jyn’s Memories of Childhood (0:51)*
3. Jedha Arrival (2:50)
4. Hearts of Kyber (0:57)*
5. Ambush in Jedha City (1:09)*
6. Jedha City Ambush (2:21)
7. Let Them Pass in Peace Part 1 (1:24)*
8. Let Them Pass in Peace Part 2 (0:39)*
9. No Friends of the Empire (1:07)*
10. Imperial Departure (0:54)*
11. Reunion at Saw’s Hideout (0:46)*
12. Cassian’s Prison (0:19)*
13. Today of All Days (3:51)*

DISC TWO — Side One

1. Star-Dust (3:48)
2. An Imperial Test of Power (3:37)*
3. Apologies Are in Order (1:37)*
4. News from the Ashes (0:59)*
5. Approach to Eadu (1:19)*
6. No Trust Among Rebels (2:25)*
7. Jyn’s Path Is Clear (2:31)*

DISC TWO — Side Two

1. Confrontation on Eadu (8:09)
2. Krennic’s Aspirations (4:17)
3. Rebellions Are Built on Hope (2:56)
4. A Rebel Change of Heart (1:53)*
5. Rogue One (2:06)


1. Cargo Shuttle SW608 (4:01)
2. Good Luck Little Sister (2:49)*
3. What Brings You to Scarif (2:31)*
4. Are We Blind (1:34)*
5. Scrambling the Rebel Fleet (1:34)
6. AT-ACT Assault (2:57)
7. Finding a Way Through (3:37)*


1. Project Star-Dust (3:46)*
2. Entering the Imperial Archives (1:25)*
3. Get That Beach Under Control (1:14)*
4. The Master Switch (4:03)
5. We Have to Press the Attack (2:40)*
6. Antenna Alignment (3:16)*

DISC FOUR — Side One

1. Your Father Would Be Proud (4:53)
2. Hope (1:40)
3. Jyn Erso & Hope Suite (5:53)
4. The Imperial Suite (2:31)
5. Guardians of the Whills Suite (2:53)

DISC FOUR — Side Two

1. Jyn Erso & Hope Suite (Alternate Open) (6:03)*
2. Guardians of the Whills Suite (Alternate Ending) (2:23)*
3. A Long Ride Ahead (Alternate Ending) (4:00)*
4. Jedha City Ambush (Alternate) (1:11)*
5. Rebellions are Built on Hope (Alternate) (2:55)*
6. Scariff Antenna Alignment (Alternate) (1:20)*
*Previously Unreleased

The Star Wars Rogue One Soundtrack, Expanded Edition, is available via Mondo now

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story – Expanded Edition 4XLP

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