Spinema Issue 62: Sines Waxes Cinematic About His Dream Scores and Growing Up on Sci-Fi

Sines is an awesome electronic pop musician, but he also likes to play with film edits and loves talking movies

Lend an ear to SPINEMA: a column exploring all movie music, music related to movies, and movies related to music. Be they film scores on vinyl, documentaries on legendary musicians, or albums of original songs by horror directors, all shall be reviewed here. Batten down your headphones, because shit’s about to sound cinematic.

When I reviewed some of the music of Jason Wann — aka Sines — on The Farsighted, I was caught by the weird and fun film edit he did in collaboration with his new album (which you can watch below the interview). It lead me to thinking about his music in conjunction with film, so I decided Sines was going to be my next musician to prob about his love of film… and boy, did he deliver. If it weren’t past my bedtime, we’d easily have chatted for hours.

Thankfully, like my last interview, he is way cooler and more interesting than me, so it makes for a solid chat. So watch the interview below, check out his dope film project for the album under that, and then head to his YouTube for more of his music and fun future experiments in sound and cinema.

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