LONE WOLF & CUB Panel Discussion With Max Allan Collins & Ed Travis

When the good folks at Hidive & Sentai paired the author of Road To Perdition with some guy…

If I’m being totally honest, it’s long been a dream or hope of mine that I would be so verbal and effusive in my praise of something over such a long period of time that eventually someone would recognize me as having something worthwhile to say on the subject. Well, over the years I guess I’ve written and talked enough about the Lone Wolf & Cub movies that I managed to convince the good folks over at Sentai’s Hidive streaming service to invite me to converse about the films on a panel for their Sentai At Home event this year. Their streaming service Hidive features the TV adaptation of Lone Wolf & Cub, which I’ll need to check out once I finish wading through the many thousands of pages that make up the original manga, from Kazuo Koike and Goseke Kojima.

Humorously, they ended up pairing me with Max Allan Collins, who is… decidedly more distinguished, noteworthy, and interesting than me. I mean, the guy took his love of Lone Wolf & Cub and created a graphic novel so amazing it was adapted into a major motion picture with Tom Hanks, Paul Newman, Daniel Craig, Jude Law, and more. At best, I hope I held my own chatting with the creator of Road To Perdition. But most importantly, I think we had a really interesting conversation. I hope Lone Wolf & Cub fans will enjoy. And if anyone ends up checking out the Lone Wolf & Cub tv series on Hidive, let me know how it is!

And I’m Out.

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