Announcing Two Cents Film Club’s Selections for Trick or Treat 2019!

This year’s edition of our annual Halloween series may be our wildest yet!

Two Cents is an original column akin to a book club for films. The Cinapse team will program films and contribute our best, most insightful, or most creative thoughts on each film using a maximum of 200 words each. Guest writers and fan comments are encouraged, as are suggestions for future entries to the column. Join us as we share our two cents on films we love, films we are curious about, and films we believe merit some discussion.

Announcing our full lineup for Two Cents Film Club’s annual TRICK OR TREAT Halloween series!

It’s our favorite time of the year here at Two Cents! Every October we try to top ourselves in curating a diverse series of spooky picks both new and old, from cult classics and major favorites to deep cuts from dark corners, and invite our readers to join in on the fun!

Would you like to be a guest in our film club column? Simply watch and send your under-200-word reviews on the selections to twocents(at)!

Week 1: SPIDER BABY (1968)

First up, in memoriam of the great Sid Haig who passed away on September 21, is Jack Hill’s bizarre cult classic, “the maddest story ever told”, Spider Baby! Streaming on Amazon Prime and free (ad supported) on Tubi.

Deadline: Oct 3

Week 2: HORROR NOIRE (2019)

Our second pick is our FIRST EVER Trick or Treat documentary selection, the celebrated Horror Noire: A History of Black Horror, exploring black voices in horror cinema! Streaming on Shudder.

Deadline: October 10

Week 3: MANDY (2018)

Then it’s time to RAGE WITH CAGE and PANAVISION WITH PANOS COSMATOS. We’re watching Mandy! Available streaming on Shudder.

Deadline: October 17


What do you get when you mix a classic Victorian tale by Bram Stoker with the outrageous style of Ken Russell? We keep the surreal weirdness going with our fourth Trick or Treat pick, The Lair of the White Worm! Available streaming on Amazon Prime.

Deadline: October 24

Week 5: THE GATE

Finally, we’ll cap things off with a sure crowd-pleaser, the most fun you’ll ever have accidentally opening up a portal to hell — The Gate! Streaming on Amazon Prime and free (ad supported) on Tubi.

Deadline: October 31

The best part of Two Cents Film Club is that YOU are invited! Just watch the films (any or all of them!) and send us your “2¢” — a review under 201 words — with a verdict of TRICK or TREAT, at [email protected], by Thursday of each week!

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