Top 15 New Action Films Now Streaming

FIELD OF STREAMS recommends some of the best new action cinema now streaming

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Cinapse is all about cinematic discovery and discussion. We review all different kinds of films, but a defining factor at Cinapse is that the whole team presses into what we’re most passionate about. As our resident action movie junkie, I wanted to take the opportunity to highlight a few of the best action titles from the past few years that are both available on major streaming services and that you may not have seen or heard of. No use recommending the fantastic Wonder Woman or Logan, for instance, as you’ve all seen those. So without further ado, here are some of the very best action films you can stream directly into your eye sockets right now!

Top 15 Recent Action Films On Netflix



The most complete fighter in the world, Scott Adkins’ Yuri Boyka is the most iconic action anti-hero in the current DTV action market, and Boyka aka Undisputed IV is probably the best DTV action film of Adkins’ legendary career thus far. This is pure fight film heaven.

2) BAAHUBALI (Netflix)

I’m extremely naive about Indian and Telugu cinema, but I know a pulse pounding, game-changing, thunderous epic when I see one. The 6 hour, 2-part Baahubali films are some of the most incredible experiences of pure discovery I’ve ever had. Don’t let the run time scare you. Think of it as binging a new series. 6 hours has never moved so quickly or been so action packed.


Amy Johnston’s physical ability and star power combined with the “all-female Bloodsport” formula results in a classic 1980s fight film resurrected for a new era. Johnston is a bonafide action superstar in the making and this film is her calling card.


4) BUSHWICK (Netflix)

Dave Bautista continues to surprise with a depth and range no one would have predicted. Bushwick is a high concept film shot in “long take” style following Bautista and Brittany Snow through the streets of Bushwick during a Red Dawn style ground invasion of the United States. It’s a gritty combat thriller that can’t be missed (and has a phenomenal score, too).

5) WHEELMAN (Netflix)

One of the only Netflix Original films on this list, Frank Grillo anchors this high concept action film about a driver fighting for the safety of his daughter while almost never leaving the drivers seat for the entire film. A fresh new filmmaker, a cool concept, and a full on badass of a leading man come together for a tight ride.

6) KILL ZONE 2 (Netflix)

Action cinema is alive and well in Asia, with Thailand, Japan, mainland China & Hong Kong, and even Indonesia all cranking out amazing, boundary-pushing stuff. Kill Zone 2 feels like the future, pairing the best of Thailand and China together in a rip-roaring fight film starring Wu Jing and Tony Jaa.


7) MANHUNT (Netflix)

John Woo is back and crafting some of the most balletic and hyper-melodramatic action in no less than the history of cinema. Woo is a master and though this film is divisive and may even drift into self-parody territory, nobody does action like John Woo and Manhunt features dozens of jaw dropping set pieces and action beats that prove Woo still reigns.


Frank Grillo and Iko Uwais stab-punching aliens in a sci-fi action epic so ambitious it boggles the mind.


Vastly superior to its predecessor Kickboxer: Vengeance (itself a reboot of the JCVD-starring franchise), Retaliation lets its freak flag fly and features physical comedy, musical numbers, stunt casting galore (Game Of Thrones’ The Mountain and Mike Tyson), and excellent/grueling fight sequences.

10) SAVAGE DOG (Netflix)

Scott Adkins makes his second appearance on this list (but really, see any of his movies on Netflix) with a film that lives up to its title. Director Jesse V. Johnson unleashes the beast and lets Adkins tear through a revenge epic period film set in the jungle where absolutely no one will come out unscathed.

The Villainess

Top 5 Recent Action Films On Amazon Prime and/or Hulu

1: Creed (Amazon Prime Video)
2: Green Room (Amazon Prime Video)
3: The Villainess (Hulu)
4: Brawl In Cell Block 99 (Amazon Prime Video)
5: xXx: The Return Of Xander Cage (Hulu & Amazon Prime Video)

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