Breaking Backs in Heaven: A Field of Streams Tribute to the Iron Sheik

While not known for his work in film and TV as much as for his work in the ring and on social media, Sheik’s cameos and voicework deserve some love – so today, Field of Streams is here to give you jabronis a few streaming recommendations to celebrate the legend

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Yesterday, we lost a beloved pop culture icon, professional wrestler, and one of Twitter’s greatest follows. While he played a villain in the ring, the Iranian born Hossein Khosrow Ali Vaziri – known to most of the world as the Iron Sheik – was known as quite a wonderful man outside of the “squared circle”. While Peacock is littered with many of his old matches in both WWE and NWA/WCW and you can see his wrestle in more recent years on the first volume of Juggalo Championship Wrestling‘s DVD set, as well as a variety of release from various independent wrestling promotions, the fantastic documentary on his life and several other cameo roles and voice roles are easily available to stream.

Today, we highlight a few of them and insist you watch a couple or we’ll break your backs, Bubba!

The Sheik (2014) – Prime, Tubi, Kanopy, Pluto

The 2014 documentary is a fantastic look at the life and career of Hossein Khosrow Ali Vaziri, before the creation of his iconic heel (aka “bad guy”) character of the Iron Sheik, through his portrayal of the Sheik, and after his exit from wrestling. Filled with a who’s who of wrestling and various others, the documentary is a fantastic way to get to know the Sheik if you’re not too acquainted and a great way to celebrate him if you are.

Killing Hasselhoff (2017) – Netflix

Sheik’s cameo in this one is very small, uncredited in fact. But he’s there. And, it’s a good excuse for me to plug this wacky comedy that really hasn’t gotten much play since its release. There’s not a lot of depth to it, but it’s a ton of fun, has a funny cast, and features Hasselhoff in a self-aware, self-deprecating role. Genuinely fun, as long as you’re not looking for something that will change the course of film history or anything. It’s really just a nice way to invoke a few laughs and smiles.

Robot Chicken – “El Skeletorito” (2014) – Max

Season 7, Episode 6 of Robot Chicken features the former Col. Mustafa in all his back breaking glory. A fun episode, you can watch it in or out of context (most episodes work totally fine as stand-alones, due to the absurdist comedy of the series and – in many cases – lack of connectivity from one episode to the next) over at Max (formerly HBOMax). Sheik himself voices the character and it’s a remarkably run time. Plus, if you’re looking for something quick and breezy to kill some time, Robot Chicken episodes are exactly that.

DDP Saves Christmas (2018) – YouTube

You can watch the full short above via DDP’s YouTube page. If you’re unfamiliar, DDP is Diamond Dallas Page, born Page Joseph Falkinburg, a long time wrestler who has acted in a variety of roles post wrestling career and is well-known for his DDP Yoga, a yoga workout program than hosts of celebrities and athletes credit as being life-changing. In this short, Sheik breaks Santa’s back and DDP must save Christmas with the help of Jake “The Snake” Roberts. Make with wrestling figure, voices by the actual wrestlers, it’s a wonderful way to spend 5-6 minutes of your life.

“The Goonies ‘R’ Good Enough” Music Video (1985) – YouTube

Another short that you can stream free on YouTube (via the official VEVO YouTube page), this one actually the music video for Cyndi Lauper’s theme song for The Goonies, “The Goonies ‘R’ Good Enough”. Sheik and other wrestlers pop up throughout the video, as this was in the era where Lauper was heavily involved with WWE (then, WWF). There’s not a ton to say except that this one is pure nostalgia for oldheads and feels liek it would be fun for the younger crowd too. Watch this video and like it, Bubba!

In his later years, Sheik’s main goal seemed to be to bring smiles on the faces of the people he encountered, both in real life and via his popular Twitter page… unless you are Hulk Hogan, who ironically played babyface (aka “good guy”) to Sheik’s in-ring heel, while being the real-life heel to Sheik’s in-world babyface. He regularly called Hogan a jabroni and said “F*ck the Hulk Hogan” whenever Hulk popped up saying racist, sexist, and generally bigoted things in the media. For that alone, he’s worthy of salute.

RIP Sheik, may you continue breaking backs in your eternal resting place!

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