Cinapse Goes to Germany (Virtually) For FINAL GIRLS BERLIN FILM FESTIVAL

Here at Cinapse HQ, one of the unique impacts of COVID on the yearly schedule is it allows us to participate more actively in film festivals around the world. One such festival is taking place next week, with the Final Girls Berlin Film Festival starting next year, we are able to participate, even from the comfort of our homes in the States!

Final Girls Berlin is celebrating their sixth year of focusing on new films in the horror genre from women filmmakers, and are making the first portion of the festival available virtually (with hopes of having a second stage in person come Halloween 2021). It is worth noting that the feature films being highlighted at Berlin are Geolocked to Germany, so Stateside participants will only have access to collections of shorts. Luckily, there are plenty of these to enjoy as well. Below is a schedule for what to expect from us on Final Girls.

Monday February 1st: “It’s Coming From Inside the Screen”


The first collection of shorts we’ll be covering explores the connections between horror and the technology surrounding us in our daily lives. With a twinge of science fiction on the margins, this set of shorts should be interesting for anyone concerned about the increase of technological extensions in our lives. Perfect for fans of techno-dystopia like Black Mirror. Some showcase highlights include Javi Pardi’s Spyglass and Alison-Eve Hammersley’s

Tuesday February 2nd: “Cabin Fever”

A Dinner Party

If there’s any topic that will feel more immediately relevant than a series on the horror of technology invading our lives, it would be a series on the horror surrounding isolation. This series of shorts focuses on people who have found themselves trapped within inescapable circumstances, and the effect it has on them. Showcase highlights include AJ Taylor and Maximillian Clark’s Lost It and Michèle Kaye’s A Dinner Party.

Wednesday February 3rd: “Young Blood”


The title for this section doesn’t refer to the age of the filmmakers, but rather the age of the pieces’ young stars. This series starring young actors ranges from supernatural horror to dangers all too real. Some program highlights include Sofia Carillo’s Cerulia and Lorraine Caffery’s The Rougarou.

Thursday, February 4th: “Busting a Gut”

Hitte (Heat)

The final, and longest, shorts block of the festival puts a firm focus on the lines between horror and comedy. There are a whopping 12 shorts as part of this block, but many are under 10 minutes long. There is also a secondary theme for this set of shorts: they all deal with the slicker, ickier side of horror– specifically body horror. Highlights include Thessa Meijer’s Hitte and Caroline Liddy’s You Monster.

In addition to all of the shorts above, expect a review of one of the features from the festival: Brea Grant’s 12 Hour Shift. Mandy is a shift nurse who is just trying to survive a double shift, while juggling both a pill addiction and her role in black market organ trade. But when her cousin botches an exchange, it quickly spirals out of control. This one looks like a real messy one, starring Angela Bettis, Chloe Farnworth and David Arquette.

Until our coverage hits next week, feel free to visit the Final Girls website to learn more about their programming and how you can view whatever content is available in your area.

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