Cinapse Weekly Roundup — Third Week of December, 2014

CINAPSE Weekly Roundup — December 20th, 2014

Deluged by the plethora of awesome content the Cinapse family provides each week? Worried you missed something? Never fear, each Saturday our Weekly Roundup will show you a little glimpse of the week’s highlights, our most popular posts, new releases, column updates and anything that has provoked a response from internet trolls on up to insightful feedback and discussion.

NORTH KOREA SPOTLIGHTOut on Christmas, the new comedy from Seth Rogen and Jam…what? Pulled from release you say? Theater chains bent over you say? Sony folded too? Dang. Well here at Cinapse we do not bow to our new N. Korean overlords, so we present a review of the film that even Obama wants Sony to nut up over, The Interview. We’ve also assembled our “Knee Jerks” to give their thoughts on the situation; check that out here.

THEATRICAL RELEASESSo what films are N. Korea allowing you to see? Well, the big release — and some may breathe a sigh of relief — yes, the final final installment of The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies is here.

A trip to Middle Earth not your thing? Then check out our reviews of Foxcatcher and Inherent Vice, the latter on release in select markets.

FEATURESEd presents an editorial asking you to revisit The Book of Eli. I think it’s probably appreciated as much as it deserves. Liam continues to show how much free time on his hands with the latest installment of Running on Stream. Ashlee also brings us a look at the feminist angle of Nightmare on Elm Street 4.

COLUMNSThe Archivist is back looking at the latest releases from the Warner Archive. Two Cents takes a look at The Lady Vanishes.

TV RECAPSThe Newsroom closed out its run this past Sunday with a episode that for some reason meandered into a garage jam session. Yeah, I got nothing either. Victor sums up my sentiments in his recap.

Last week I extolled the virtues of Black Mirror; this week we were treated, in the UK at least, to the Christmas special, “White Christmas.” It’s screening this week on Direct TV; read my review where I proclaim it to be one of the best pieces of TV this year.

PODCASTRiding in Car with Boy(s) is back with a look at last week’s release Exodus: Gods and Kings, and we have the latest from the Cinepunx crew.

HOME VIDEO RELEASESCOBRA Club is back with a recap of this week’s more niche releases. We also have full reviews of A Fistful of Dynamite, Samurai Cop, The Skeleton Twins, Beautiful Girl, Judgment at Nuremberg, Stonehearst Asylum, The Long Goodbye, Mr Smith Goes to Washington, and When the Wind Blows.

If there’s not something in that avalanche of reviews that interests you, I’d be stunned.

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