CHAINSAW MAN Recap — Episode 7: Do these episodes keep getting shorter or is it me?

The episode with “that scene”, does not disappoint

So this week’s episode picks up pretty much right where the last one left off, in the aftermath of the madness conjured up by “Infinity Devil ‘’ who turned our favorite devil hunters against one another when he offered up their freedom for Denji’s life. This had Aki stabbed by Kobeni, when he refused to sacrifice up his colleague, based on the logic that anything the devils want couldn’t be good for humanity. We ended last week with Denji jumping head first into the mouth of the devil right as he’s about to pull his cord, bringing out the saws. It’s something we almost don’t question as this week’s episode started with Denji getting bested by the devil as he eventually turns the tables.

After a few minutes of battle, once Denji realizes he can replenish himself on the blood of the devil, we then cut to (in Spongebob Voice) “THREE DAYS LATER!” as Denji is wrapping things up. After killing him they are freed from his prison and it’s almost anticlimactic in how quickly it wraps up, but then we are treated to the agents having a celebratory dinner. The three reasons to mark this occasion are: a chance for all the young agents to get to know one another, to keep from losing the agents who are still rattled after their last battle and on the verge of quitting and to give the agents a chance to apologize to Denji for almost killing him. What this gives us is the hilariously realistic take on your typical uncomfortable company get together.

While the comedic crux here is Denji low-key attempting to cash-in on his kiss from Himeno, while not alerting Makima on this new development in his sexual exploration. The underpinning drama is the devils have begun to rally against Denji and want him dead. This has Makima entertaining a drinking contest with the prize being the intel she’s gotten on why the devils see him as such a threat. Its these two dynamics that are interwoven throughout an episode that has a moment so gross that it was censored (not in the manga) and to be honest, it seems too bizarre not to be true. But this episode ends with Denji in bed with Himeno, who can’t understand what all the boys see in Makima. To be honest neither can I.

While the first chunk is battle, the second half is some more world building. We get introduced to more members of Public Safety Experimental Division 4, as we get the low down on just how impressive it is that everyone walked out of the hotel alive. This episode also discusses how fear plays a big part in devil hunting and your survival rates. The devil hunters that tend to live the longest are the ones too crazy to fear the devils and in turn don’t feed them, while the more practical ones who inadvertently feed the devils with their fear quickly either die or realize there’s better things to do. Its more groundwork I think to build out the rules and what I think is the deal with Denji since he is being feared by devils and that just might supercharge him.

I mean this is a shonen series and the power up trope is unavoidable.

So I mean we are once again back to the day to day until the next big battle for our now battle forged squad.

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