Celebrate America’s Dad with These 6 Streaming Titles

FIELD OF STREAMS mourns the loss of Bob Saget with a few of his great roles that now streaming for our enjoyment

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While there have been so many great losses in the world of the big and small screens over the past few years that we surely can’t keep up with, some hit us particularly hard. Recent losses of Betty White and Sidney Poitier come to mind, but for this child of the 80s, none hits harder than the All-American Dad, Danny Tanner.

With a sudden and unexpected announcement of his death on Sunday evening, America was taken aback. We’d already lost America’s Grandma but now we lose America’s Dad too? At only 65, while actively doing standup dates and playing roles on TV, his life ended abruptly… as he was found dead in his hotel room, less than a day after a live performance. The suddenness is jarring, but thankfully he leaves us with a legacy of smiles. Today, we celebrate the laughs and good times that he gave us and can never be erased with 6 of the best Saget that the streaming services currently have to offer.


We have no choice but to start here. The entire series is over at HBO Max and is a real delight, especially if you like to don you nostalgia googles as much as I do. While the Olsen Twins and John Stamos are probably the biggest breakout stars of the series, it’s Bob Saget’s Danny Tanner that drives the ship. Without others, the show could probably almost always still figure it out… but without Saget, the should would completely fail. It’s truly a testament to his strength as an actor that he can carry 8 seasons of a sitcom with such ease.


BOG SAGET: ZERO TO SIXTY (Prime, Tubi, and Peacock)

Around the time he was turning 60, Bob Saget returned to the comedy special stage to share his hilarious wit and wisdom. While maybe not his funniest special, it’s porbably his best, as he reflects on his life and what he’s learned. But… yeah… it’s still really funny, too.



To me, this is the blueprint for the Comedy Central Roasts. It’s hilarious, irreverent, and feels a lot like friends just busting on each other. Infamous roasts from Norm McDonald and Cloris Leachman will leave you laughing out loud for ages, while Saget’s return zingers are also brilliant. This is great fun… but not for the family.


FULL MOON HIGH (Paramount+)

While Saget’s role here as a sportscaster in 1981’s Full Moon High is not a big one, this PG horror comedy is a must for fans of the Teen Wolf movies. The younger Bob Saget is great in his small role and Larry Cohen directed the crap out of this oft overlooked and not particularly heralded gem. It’s so strange and fun that the lesser moments and aspects of the film are easy to forgive.


BENJAMIN (Roku and Hoopla)

Directed by Saget, who also is one of the leads, this is actually a really solid dark comedy that really pushes the envolope. Yet, there are serious notes here about addiction, love, loss, and life. A unique film that seems to really exemplify the aging Saget’s sense of humor in a lot of ways.



While a small role in this film and small role in the show as a whole, Saget’s character of himself in Entourage is phenomenal. It’s hard to find a better self-deprecating cameo role than Saget exemplifying the family turned dirty old man neighbor. He was always a favorite part of the series and I truly enjoyed his brief moments in the film.


There are countless services to explore and great things to watch on all of them. Which ones did we miss that you would suggest to us? Tell us what we’re missing out on or what new services we should check out by leaving a comment below or emailing us.

Till next week, stream on, stream away.

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