THE GET TOGETHER: Comedy Set in Austin Hits the Right Notes

One night can yield lots of laughs

Comedy is not easy. Trying to capture the essence of a place and time isn’t either. But with The Get Together, both are achieved in remarkable fashion. Director Will Bakke and an ensemble cast paint the portrait of one night in youthful Austin with a house party, fighting roommates, and plenty of awkward romance.

The night begins with roomies August (Courtney Parchman) and McCall (Luxy Banner) drifting apart, both for the night and in their post-collegiate lives. August ends up Ubering Caleb (Alejandro Rose-Garcia, aka musician Shakey Graves) to a party that will be the stage for the night’s action.

Chad Werner

Part 2 centers around a lovely couple, Betsy (Johanna Braddy) and Damien (Jacob Artist), in from New York with lots of future plans, if the past stays out of the way. Damien’s high school non-buddy Lucas (Chad Werner) is the first out-and-out comedic character, and he pulls it off, adding inanity to the affair. Austin stalwart Bill Wise makes an appearance as Betsy’s dad, a fairly serious part for a very funny actor.

Johanna Braddy

Back at the party, we see that Caleb and Betsy have a history, and both of them are flummoxed by their newfound proximity. This love triangle is handled subtly and without the cheesiness one might expect from an indie comedy.

All throughout, Garrison (Preston Flagg) makes his presence felt, mainly through high-volume expletives and threats if anyone dares get into that goddamn pool! This character could maybe anchor a movie all by himself.

Johanna Braddy, Jacob Artist

By the time the credits roll, all’s well that ends well, and we’ve all learned a little something about ourselves, our lives, and our place in this world. Or maybe, we’re all just ready to find our own Get Together.

Available now on demand on all digital platforms.

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