Sundance 2021: Mother Schmuckers is a Hilarious Transgressive Gross Out Comedy

If you’ve even wondered what would happen if Gaspar Noé was charged with remaking Dumb and Dumber, Mother Schmuckers would be the answer. The Belgian feature length debut by Youtubers Harpo and Lenny Guit follows two idiotic brothers who lose their prostitute mother Cashmere’s beloved dog, January-Jack when they get busted for shoplifting while out walking the dog. When they manage to escape custody and show up poochless at home Cashmere gives the pair an ultimatum — they have 24 hours to produce the puppy or be kicked out. From there the film takes the viewer into a darkly comedic gonzo descent into hell as the two men go to some pretty damn dark places looking for their beloved J.J.

Mother Schmuckers manages to be equally hilarious and nihilistic as it delivers some disturbingly deep laughs courtesy of some dark situations, involving everything from murder, to bestiality with some necrophilia thrown in for good measure. Nothing is off limits for a laugh as our protagonists are even dropped into some public places as they break the cinematic barrier letting their characters loose on reality. Running at a lean 70 minutes, with a post credit short film, Mother Schmuckers thankfully doesn’t overstay its welcome and leaves you right in that sweet spot when you feel like the film couldn’t go any farther and you don’t really want it to.

While at times bordering on avant-garde performance art Mother Schmuckers straddles the line of comedic genius and complete insanity as it entertains an audience raised on memes. Its heightened internet comedic sensibilities may be polarizing for some, but for those that lock in, you’re going to fall completely under the film’s dark spell. I personally dug the hell out of Mother Schmuckers and while even I was surprised at how bleak it got at the end, I can’t say I would’ve had it any other way. So if any of this has sounded appealing to you, in any way shape or form, definitely check this one out while its screening. I am not sure if you will get another chance.

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