Other Worlds Film Festival: An Interview with Liam O’Donnell Writer/Director of SKYLIN3S

Like most film festivals in 2020, Austin’s premiere Sci-fi film fest the Other Worlds Film Festival is going virtual this year! Running from December 1st through 6th, on the Eventive platform, the fest is an eclectic mix of repertory genre classics, panels, shorts and premieres you can watch form the socially distanced comfort of your own home. With three tiers of badges ($143,$99 and $50), including a $15 per screening option, the fest is making it as easy as possible to check out some of these great selections, such as Pitch Black, An Ideal Host, Minor Premise and a personal favorite of mine, the other film where Sylvester Stallone plays a cop in the future, Judge Dredd. (you can check out a full list of films here!)

Speaking of great selections, I got to chat with the director of their opening night film Liam O’Donnell who is presenting the North American premiere of Skylin3s, his follow-up to Beyond Skyline, and the third entry into the Skyline franchise.This was easily one of my most anticipated films this year and I wasn’t disappointed in the least. (Review coming soon!) Liam was super generous with his time, while we discussed not only how strangely relevant the film is today – with its story of intolerance during a pandemic, but also digging into his writing and directing process. If you’re a fan, this is most definitely worth a watch and as a fan myself, it was a real treat to chat with Liam about not just his latest, but looking back a bit on Beyond and even Skyline.

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