A Pictorial Tour of Incredible New Book THE CANNON FILM GUIDE Vol 1: 1980–1984

Longtime readers know that we’re big fans of Cannon Films here at Cinapse, with writing even predating the site — years ago our Editor in Chief Ed Travis even wrote an extensive Cannon-focused column called “Cannon Fodder” for Ain’t It Cool News.

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So naturally when author and Under the Radar film editor Austin Trunick reached out to share his new book with us, we jumped at the opportunity.

Weighing in at over 500 pages, Trunick’s massive Cannon canon is a well-written, exhaustively researched, and extensively comprehensive labor of love — combining film history and behind the scenes stories, interviews, Trunick’s own incredible insights and criticism, and a foreword by legendary Cannon director Sam Firstenberg.

One of the first things you’ll notice is the subtitle “Volume 1: 1980–1984” — because, hang on to something, this is just the beginning. Two additional volumes are planned!

The book is available as both hardcover and paperback editions that are best described as “Bible sized”. Here’s a pictorial tour.


A glance at the content shows both how exhaustive Trunick’s approach to the material is, and also the surprising variety of Cannon’s output — they were about much more than just the obvious action films that first spring to mind.

(image taken from a digital preview)

Interior pages

The book is generously illustrated throughout with numerous images, particularly poster and VHS art, often featuring alternate international marketing.

One thing I learned from this book: There’s an “Underwear Cut” of 10 TO MIDNIGHT

Interior Detail Views:

Like most great film books, one of the most dependable (and enjoyable) effects is that you’ll suddenly have a number of new movies to add to your watch list. That’s certainly been the case for me from reading up on these films — some of which I hadn’t heard of, and others that I didn’t even realize were produced by Cannon.

You can find out more about The Cannon Film Guide, and also order copies, via its official website:


(image taken from a digital preview)

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