Welcome to Our New Member Class of 2020!

Introducing the newest members of the Austin Film Critics Association

AUSTIN, TX — The Austin Film Critics Association is pleased to welcome three new members to our roster in 2020. A committee of current members was convened to consider candidates, selecting these critics from the applicants, via a majority vote.

Marisa Mirabal

A certified Rotten Tomatoes critic, Marisa is also a board member for the Women in Film and Television’s Austin chapter. You can find her work at Slashfilm, Horrornews.net, Collider, Fangoria, The Austin Chronicle, and Daily Grindhouse.

Kate Sánchez

Founder & Editor-In-Chief of But Why Tho? A Geek Community, Kate is also a certified Rotten Tomatoes Critic.

Julian Singleton

A film critic for Austin-based outlet Cinapse.

The association warmly welcomes these new members to our ranks!

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