Fantastic Fest 2020: An Interview with THE STYLIST’s Jill Gevargizian

Easily one of my favorite films screening at this year’s Celebration of Fantastic Fest is Jill Gevargizian’s feature length adaptation of her short (that screened at the fest in 2016)- The Stylist. The film, which is World Premiering tonight is a nuanced deconstruction of the psyche of a female serial killer, who also happens to be a hair stylist. The best way for me to describe it for those genre fans who have yet to see it is, its like Maniac meets Single White Female — with some American Psycho thrown in for good measure.

In anticipation for the screening I got some time to chat with Jill about her first feature length film, that definitely introduces a new and exciting voice to feminist horror. She was kind enough to not only dig into her process of adapting her short, but how she was able to craft one of the most sympathetic serial killers committed to screen. Definitely check out the interview below we did via Zoom, and check out the film if you get a chance.

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