Fantasia 2020: LUCKY

Woe to the person at the center of this story

Nightmare of nightmares: Someone has broken into a house intent on murder. But what if time is a flat circle and this has happened before and will happen again, on the order of every single night? That’s Lucky.

Starring Texas native Brea Grant (Friday Night Lights, Heroes) and directed by Natasha Kermani, Lucky combines horror, suburban drama, and a little bit of Groundhog Day to craft an existential morality tale?

Who is this masked man that keeps breaking into May’s (Grant) house? She writes motivational books for women and doesn’t appear a natural target. It’s in the reaction to these attacks–from police, friends, and even her husband–that starts to shed light on the type of story we’re dealing with here.

While the lesson to be learned from this movie is often delivered with somewhat heavy hands, by film’s end, the action and the message have both reached harrowing proportions. How truly lucky are women who thrive within a patriarchal system but continue to be victims? What do they owe to each other, in solidarity and survival?

Lucky gives no easy answers, and performances by Grant and Leith Burke as her literary agent will keep audiences engaged as they plummet toward resolution. Resolution of a kind, anyway, because the insidiousness of the forces at play here can’t be dismissed with the thwack of a hammer. They keep coming.

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