First Look — New LAWRENCE OF ARABIA Special Features Replacement Disc and Version Differences

The Columbia Classics 4K Collection initially shipped with an incorrect features disc — how to tell which you have, and get it replaced

At the time of the release of the Columbia Classics 4K Ultra HD Collection, Sony released a statement explaining that the Special Features Blu-ray disc included with Lawrence of Arabia had been mishandled; the disc packed into the boxed sets didn’t have the full set of features as announced and published on the packaging.

Original press release:

Due to a manufacturing error, the Columbia Classics 4K Ultra HD Collection currently includes an incorrect LAWRENCE OF ARABIA special features disc, which does not include the full amount of intended content. This does not affect the 4K UHD presentation of the film itself. The correct special features disc will be available to consumers who purchase the set, whether as a pre-order or as part of a future order, pending the eventual availability of sets that already have the correct disc included. Consumers should receive communication from their retailer about this corrected disc soon, but may contact the Sony Pictures Home Entertainment Customer Care team with any questions at [email protected] or 1–800–860–2878.

I’ve just received the replacement copy for my screener set, so I’m sharing details of the replacement disc, differences between the two versions, and how to tell which version you have.

It’s worth noting that there’s nothing bad or defective about the erroneous disc, it’s just the wrong version. Content-wise, it’s exactly the same Special Features disc included with prior Blu-ray releases of the film (albeit with new artwork on the disc). My player recognized the two discs as the same, asking me if I wanted to resume playback from the last position when I switched between them.

The replacement disc is quite different, a newly authored Blu-ray which includes several additional features beyond the prior release. Its different menu design is also in the shared motif of the Columbia Classics set.

(note the comparisons below are photos, not screen captures — the curvature in the images is that of my television, not the material)

Old disc top menu screen
Replacement disc top menu screen

The artwork on the erroneous and corrected discs is identical, but they can be distinguished by the different disc part numbers.

Erroneous part: 4973683
Replacement part: 5086740

Original erroneous disc
Corrected replacement disc

A/V Out.

All package photography was taken by the reviewer.

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