Spinema Issue 39: Video Review of CRAWL’s Soundtrack LP

It’s the quarantine edition

Lend an ear to SPINEMA: a column exploring all movie music, music related to movies, and movies related to music. Be they film scores on vinyl, documentaries on legendary musicians, or albums of original songs by horror directors, all shall be reviewed here. Batten down your headphones, because shit’s about to sound cinematic.

So I’ve been putting off setting up to do video reviews forever, and I decided to finally bite the bullet with my discussion on the soundtrack to one of my favorite films of 2019, Crawl, that just got released on vinyl thanks to Rusted Wave and Mondo.

Crawl (OST) is being given the vinyl treatment by Rusted Wave! This release, not available on any other physical format, features the first-ever release of the heart-pounding score by Max Aruj and Steffen Thum from Paramount Pictures’ 2019 summer horror flick!

Pressed on 180 Gram Hurricane Swirl Vinyl, Exclusive to Mondo.

Limited to 300 copies.

Composers: Max Aruj, Steffen Thum

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