AFS Kicks off Creative Media Center

Newest addition to Austin Studios gets its ribbon cut

Photo: Suzanne Cordeiro

Austin Studios is about to get a shiny new addition in the Creative Media Center, a big edition to an important piece of Austin’s film scene.

Spawned from a partnership between the Austin Film Society and the City of Austin, the Creative Media Center received its officially send off with a ribbon cutting Monday evening, replete with lots of special guests.

AFS CEO Rebecca Campbell, Council Members Leslie Pool & Kathy Tovo, AFS Creative Director Richard Linklater, Mayor Pro Tem Delia Garza

The space will feature 38,500 square feet of new space, including Stage 7 of Austin Studios. Filmmakers and other creatives will be able to sign short- and long-term leases in the facility.

AFS Creative Director Richard Linklater and Austin Council Member Kathie Tovo did the honors, with a crowd in attendance to celebrate the beginning of construction, a massive project that will transform the old Texas National Guard armory into a much more modern space.

In addition to the center itself, another structure was introduced, this one a sculpture. Split Diopter by Texas artist Eric Eley mimics a camera lens, and more than that the pixelated nature of modern digital sensors, including red, green, and blue coloration.

(Left) Holly Herrick; (Right) Eric Eley, far left

Photos by Rod Machen except where otherwise credited.

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