Unboxing GLASS 4K — Best Buy Exclusive Edition

The film’s handsomest release features a transparent “glass” style slipcover and interchangeable art

M. Night Shyamalan’s Glass hit shelves this week, tying together a world of secret heroes and villains explored in Unbreakable and Split, into a shared narrative.

The home video release includes Blu-ray and 4K editions, and a Target exclusive Steelbook, but the most beautiful edition by far is Best Buy’s exclusive packaging, which incorporates a transparent slipcover approximating the appearance of shattered glass, and three package-sized “character art cards” featuring the three main characters, which serve as alternate covers.

Moving past the exclusive design elements, the balance of the package is standard 4K Blu-ray case and contents, which include a 4K disc, Blu-ray disc, and digital copy insert.

This edition is available exclusively at Best Buy stores, and like most retailer exclusives there’s no guarantee it’ll be around for long so grab it before it splits.

Get it?

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