Unboxing THE LITTLE MERMAID 4K Target Exclusive Limited Edition

Target’s deluxe package features Alternate Art and Gallery Book

Following December’s release of The Lion King, the 1989 flagship film of Disney’s 90s Renaissance has arrived on 4K Blu-ray! There’s precious little cinematic traditional animation on the format, making these, for the time being still a very rare treat (Charlie Brown TV specials and upscaled DC Animation movies notwithstanding).

Target has a Limited Edition Digipak version of the 4K Blu-ray with alternate artwork and a 40-page “Gallery Book” combining BTS materials and a storybook.

The removable J-card has artwork beneath, and in my case I found that it actually fit snugly into the slipcover for keeping, despite being packed outside of it (just slip it over the inner case before sliding into the slipcover).

Inside the slip is a tri-sectional case holding the 4K and Blu-ray discs, with a pocket for the book and digital copy slip.

The 40-page (cover to cover) Gallery Book is a fully high-gloss squarebound edition. The first 14 pages are devoted to making-of materials and the following 20 pages to a storybook. The story section is a condensed version of the 32-page storybook from the 2013 Target exclusive Blu-ray Digibook.

Like most of these limited retailer exclusives, this is almost guaranteed to disappear quickly, so if you’re interested in picking this up, do it fast.

A/V Out.

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