HORROR NOIRE Hits Shudder Today!

Clebrated Documentary about the Black Experience in Horror Films

Based on the book by Dr. Robin R. Means Coleman and directed by Xavier Burgin, Horror Noire: A History of Black Horror is an exploration of the world of horror films, specifically interested in exploring a black viewpoint. The much-anticipated documentary collects interviews with prominent filmmakers and actors from the world of horror, including Jordan Peele, Tony Todd, Ernest Dickerson, Keith David, Ken Foree, Kelly Jo Minter, and many more. The film has met with great acclaim from those fortunate enough to have already seen it.

On a more personal level, we’re especially excited and proud for some of the other names involved — friends of the site doing incredible work. Graveyard Shift Sisters creator Ashlee Blackwell (who you may also recognize from some amazing articles she has written for Cinapse) is a producer and primary writer, and Fangoria editor Phil Nobile Jr. is an executive producer and was instrumental in developing the concept. We couldn’t be prouder to celebrate their accomplishment, nor more excited to finally see the fruit of their labor.

Horror Noire is available today, streaming exclusively on Shudder. Don’t have Shudder? You can sign up for a free 7-day trial! Then stick around for more excellently curated content, with plans starting at $3.99/month.

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