THE BRIDE Gets Older and Wiser

‘80s non-scary horror flick ages well — PLUS enter to win a copy

In 1985, the idea of adding to the Frankenstein legacy using Sting and an up-and-coming Jennifer Beals seemed like a good idea, but theater goers felt otherwise. The Bride may have failed in its original mission, but over the the long haul, it has grown into a relevant commentary on the state of gender in our world.

With a script from Lloyd Fonvielle (The Lords of Discipline), director Franc Roddam (Quadrophenia) set out to make a beautiful film, shot mainly on location in France, that would explore the power dynamics between men and women, with the desire for equality the inciting force.

He had in his corner popular musician Sting, whom he had worked with before. The Police had just broken up, and Dream of the Blue Turtles would be his first solo album, attempting to make a statement about Sting’s place in the musical hierarchy of the day. Roddam also employed the services of Beals, coming off a successful lead performance in Flashdance. The stars were surely aligned for a hit.

Unfortunately, the team behind The Bride made one crucial mistake: American audiences like their horror movies to actually have some horror. Great acting, a thought-provoking storyline, and beautiful locales only go so far for people who want the pants scared off them. Clancy Brown’s Victor is large and imposing, but scary he is not. The bullies that taunt him and his diminutive friend Rinaldo (David Rappaport) are the most evil participants in the entire procession, but this isn’t October 31st material.

Still, this story of a young lady desperately trying to find her place in the world with a controlling father figure stopping her at every turn fits in well in a 2018 that’s bursting with women gaining more and more equality, especially in cinema.

The Bride may have missed the mark during the Reagan era, but it’s a great watch all these years later. A great cast, stunning imagery, and a struggle for equal rights is a nice formula for staying relevant.

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