REVENGE IN KIND: Murder in Big D

Texas-based film gets gritty in the city.

What happens when the victim becomes the victimizer? This is the question posed by Revenge in Kind, a Texas production that explores the darker side of the human equation.

Brooding police officer Chris Coxon (Chad Halbrook) joins together with criminal psychologist Sarah Scott (Sasha Higgins) to solve a series of violent attacks against women. In the meantime, perpetrators of sexual violence are showing up dead. It’s a conundrum the two struggle to figure out.

In between case files, the two develop a romantic relationship. This isn’t a love story, but once they get past their initial jitters, the chemistry works well. Their connection also allows for a final-act plot twist that serves the story well.

Tom Heard plays the main psychopath of the tale, and he’s the type of person it would be best to cross the street to avoid making eye contact. He’s creepy, as well as hulking, with a shaven head. His stalking is a little obvious, but he creates menace every time he’s on screen.

Shot in Dallas, Revenge in Kind exudes the modern-day Lone Star State in all its multi-faceted glory. From tiny bungalows to a shiny office complex, the film will feel authentic to every viewer from the state. There’s even some Tex-Mex thrown in for good measure.

For fans of grindhouse and exploitation films, Revenge in Kind offers a small indie version of those genres. Filmmaker KC Bailey and director Roger Lindley have woven together a dark tale about the menace of modern life.

Definitely, lock your doors.

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