Unboxing PLANET OF THE APES Trilogy 4K UHD Blu-ray Box Set

For viewers anxious to pick up the new War for the Planet of The Apes, the best way to do so is this Trilogy box set that delivers all three movies in the best available video and audio package, along with a poster.

This slipbox is a thing of beauty — the soft vellum-like matte surface has embossed surfaces on text and facial features. The most striking part, though, is the glossy accents on Caesar’s eyes.

Isometric views
Back cover and J-card

Inside the slipbox are the three individually packaged movies, including Dawn and Rise in the previously available UHD editions with their ultra-cheesy Photoshop collage covers, while War is doing its own completely different thing. Clearly, not much thought went into the packaging consistency of the individual movies.

The set also includes a poster, though it’s actually a rather plain and colorless design that’s mostly negative space. Of greater interest to me was its reverse side…

On the flipside of the poster is a cool timeline of the trilogy’s events — spoilers lurk within so be sure to watch the movies before poring over this.

Each movie includes a UHD disc, standard Blu-ray disc, and Digital Copy code. A Blu-ray version of this box set is also available.

Get it at Amazon:
Planet of the Apes Trilogy Box Set[4K UHD Blu-ray] | [Blu-ray]

All package photography was taken by the reviewer.

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