Unboxing ALIEN: COVENANT Walmart-Exclusive ‘Ultimate Alien Fan Gift Set’ (4K/Blu-ray + T-shirt)

As of this week, Alien: Covenant is now available on home video with several retailer options to choose from (while they last), details and links of which are in this week’s COBRA Connection. I opted for Walmart’s offering: the “Ultimate Alien Fan Gift Set”.

Blu-ray and 4K versions of the set at Walmart

Of course, a box of this size is useless for shelf purposes and will just get tossed in the trash, so what this really comes down to is the standard retail movie, sans slipcover, and a free t-shirt.

As noted in the packaging, the T-shirt is a winning contest entry selected by Ridley Scott, and I like the design. The t-shirt is vacuum-packed, so it’s super wrinkly, but it’s ready to wear after a trip through the washer.

I can’t confirm this, but it seems that XL may be the only size available. That seems to be the case online, though perhaps the in-store stock is different.

That leaves the 4K/Blu-ray movie unit, which aside from lacking a slipcase, is the same as the standard retail unit, wtih a digital copy.

Parting Thoughts

Of the various editions, I’d score this one highest on value and lowest on shelf presence. It was a great deal and I like the t-shirt (which apparently only comes in XL), but the lack of a slipcover is pretty disappointing.


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