Unboxing LOGAN 4K UHD Blu-ray: Walmart-Exclusive Limited Edition

Logan, the final and arguably best film in Hugh Jackman’s career-defining role as Marvel’s Wolverine, has dropped on home video with a number of different retailer-exclusive options including a comic art Steelbook (Best Buy), prestige Digibook (Target), and a modified version of the standard release with character cards packed in (Walmart).

Speaking personally, I don’t much care for the Steelbook’s artwork or price point. The Digibook lacks a 4K UHD option, and in terms of shelf presence is taller than my other X-Men and Wolverine Blu-rays, making Walmart’s Limited Edition an easy choice. It’s available in both 4K and Standard Blu-ray options; the 4K version is pictured here.

Front and back covers of the unopened package

The packaging of this edition is thicker than the common versions to accommodate the bonus items, and is also a side-load slipcase rather than an O-card.

An envelope full of nine character cards is what separates this from the standard release. The images chronicle Jackman’s two decades of playing Wolverine, his breakout role that immediately became his signature character. One for each of his appearances — even the cameos.

9 collector cards exclusive to this edition

The 9 cards can be placed together to form a poster of sorts. Due to slight irregularities in the creation of the cards, when I placed them together they didn’t quite fit seamlessly — but pretty close.

That covers the exclusive aspects of the package, what remains is the same as the normal 4K release: a 4-disc set featuring the Theatrical and black and white Logan Noir versions of the film in both 4K UHD and 1080p Blu-ray formats, along with digital copy insert.

Like most retailer exclusives, this is a limited introductory release that will probably sell out quickly.

Check out this week’s COBRA Connection new release roundup for links to purchase any of the limited or standard versions of the film.


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