Unboxing PHENOMENA Black Label #002 ‘Dark Inker’ Limited Edition Steelbook

Dario Argento’s Phenomena follows Tenebrae as the second installment in the Black Label series of Limited Edition Blu-rays sold exclusively through Hi-Def Ninja.

At the core of the package is the Limited Edition Steelbook from Synapse Films, which is already an incredible (and rather pricey) prestige edition with three different cuts of the film as well as soundtrack CD.

Left “Quiltface” Motif; Right: “Dark Inker” Motif

The Hi-Def Ninja Exclusive Black Label editions pack the Steelbook into a handsome slipbox with one of 2 custom art themes: “Quiltface”and “Dark Inker”, which is the subject of this photo review. These individually numbered editions include an envelope with three art prints and a souvenir coin.

Front with label detail — raised ink on title and fly. Decal on outer wrap.
Back with numbered label detail — raised ink on fly. Decal on outer wrap.
Spine Detail — raised ink on title

I found the outer wrap isn’t designed to be resealable, which is kind of a bummer. Rather than tear if off (it houses the rather snazzy Black Label decals) I used a razor blade to carefully remove the open side of the box to access the contents.

The art cards are housed in an envelope that sits in the box alongside the Steelbook.

Left: Slipbox, Steelbook, and Art Cards; Right: Steelbook Back Cover
Art Prints and envelope— very beautiful quality

The purchase of a Black Label edition also includes a souvenir coin, housed in a plastic protector.

That sums up the Hi-Def Ninja-Exclusive Black Label part of the package; from here the remaining images depict the Limited Edition Steelbook, which is the same one you can buy directly from Synapse Films.

Steelbook, with and without back insert
Inside view, with and without discs

The Steelbook comes with a 20-page booklet and Synapse catalog, both in full color. The back of the booklet has a track list for the soundtrack CD.

The basic version of this “Dark Inker” edition is now sold out, but as of this writing it can still be purchased in a higher tier option with 1 or 2 enamel pins, with supply dwindling fast. The other variant, “Quiltface”, is still available for the time being.

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