Cinapse Weekly Roundup — First Week of February, 2015

CINAPSE Weekly Roundup — February 7th, 2015

Deluged by the plethora of awesome content the Cinapse family provides each week? Worried you missed something? Never fear, each Saturday our Weekly Roundup will show you a little glimpse of the week’s highlights, our most popular posts, new releases, column updates and anything that has provoked a response from internet trolls on up to insightful feedback and discussion.

THEATRICAL RELEASESThe Wachowskis return with space epic Jupiter Ascending. Tatum. Kunis. Bee men. Eddie Redmayne going full Pacino. Indecipherable mess, incredible swing and miss, or just WTF? Wilson is less than enthused in his review, while we also have a video review from the right honorable John Ary here! I’ll be catching it Saturday morning complete with betting pool to guess exactly how quickly Sean Bean dies.

Also out this week is Two Days, One Night, a film that is drawing much praise for the work of its lead Marion Cotillard.

FEATURESBrendan is a Lethal Weapon virgin. Or rather he was until this past week when he gorged himself on the adventures of Riggs and Murtaugh. Read his recap of his trip through all 4 films. DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY!

Liam is also back with Running on Stream, highlighting the best (in his opinion) films available online right now.

COLUMNSThe Two Cents crew and guests this week tackle The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance.

Pick of the Week meanwhile is basically anything but American Sniper. Yes, Michael is here to offer up a plethora of alternatives to Eastwood’s latest.

PODCASTSJordan is back with his latest effort Seeing Double, which takes a look at Star Wars Vs. Starcrash.

HOME VIDEO RELEASESNew on Blu this week is Amazing Grace, The ABCs of Death 2, The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby, Exists, Middle of Nowhere, Dracula Untold, Richard Pryor’s Omit the Logic, and Miyazaki doc The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness.

We also have a video review of Wolfcop! Yeah…like you need any additional incentive to watch that. Finally, COBRA Club offers a roundup of some of the more niche releases this week.

You all bought John Wick on Blu-ray this week right?

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