At Cinapse, we think that movies aren’t complete without a conversation about them. Film doesn’t end when the credits roll – it continues to live in the theater parking lot, on the ride home, in a bar with friends – this conversation doesn’t necessarily have to happen in person though. If you haven’t noticed, on posts where we discuss a specific movie there’s a little panel on the top right of the article from Letterboxd – a social media website specifically for film. Several of us were fans of the service before we started Cinapse, and we’ve been lucky enough to partner with them since creating the site. If you haven’t joined, consider it – this isn’t a sponsored post, but a service we believe in, because it enables and facilitates more conversations about film. Also, if you’re obsessive compulsive like me, it’s helpful with keeping track of what you watch and making lists! I keep a diary of each movie I watch and I try to rate most of them, and in doing so the website keeps a counter of how many I’ve seen so far that year (so far I’m at 6 for 2014!).

With that out of the way, starting at 8AM (Pacific) on January 7, Letterboxd’s 2013 Year in Review will be available to all visitors here: http://letterboxd.com/2013/.

The annual summary provides a glimpse into the Letterboxd community’s output and tastes, and, judging from the results below, they’re pretty fine tastes indeed.

Topping the highest rated films for 2013 were:
1) 12 Years a Slave
2) Before Midnight
3) Her
4) Gravity
5) The Wolf of Wall Street

Based on sheer volume of activity, the most popular films viewed this year were:
1) Django Unchained
2) Gravity
3) Iron Man 3
4) Pacific Rim
5) Star Trek Into Darkness

Joshua Oppenheimer’s The Act of Killing and Abdellatif Kechiche’s Blue is the Warmest Color topped the highest-rated documentary and foreign language categories respectively.

Their 2013 Year in Review page mines their data in a lot of interesting ways, providing information in categories such as Best Sci-Fi, Action, and Horror, along with breakdowns on the amount of hours of film watched by the community (3,286,931 hours), amount of words written about said films (68,534,004 words), and what percentage were 2013 releases (23.8%). There’s a list of most-watched actors (James Franco tops it) and actresses (Melissa Leo!), along with directors and more. Most divisive film? Only God Forgives! The whole webpage is a fascinating look at how movie-geeks watch movies and what they watch – it’s worth taking a look through when it goes live tomorrow at http://letterboxd.com/2013/.

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